C.O. "Brad" Bradford - Special Prosecutor & Law Enforcement Liaison

C.O. Brad Bradford - Special Prosecutor & Law Enforcement LiaisonC.O. “Brad” Bradford is an attorney, public safety consultant, former Houston chief of police and Vice Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Houston. He has combined his education, legal training and police experience to work with neighborhoods and businesses, nationally and internationally, to help develop safety strategies.

On March 22, 2019, Bradford took the oath of office at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office as a Special Prosecutor and Law Enforcement Liaison. It is a sworn position with full prosecutorial authority.

In January 2012, the Houston City Council unanimously elected Bradford as Vice Mayor Pro Tem. He served the maximum three terms permitted under law. During his second and third campaigns, he won in every council district, without a runoff, and got the highest number of votes in all citywide contested races.

He became a resident of Houston in 1979. Having lived in the Hiram Clarke, Alief, Fondren Southwest, and MacGregor areas, Bradford understands the various characteristics of the Houston community and appreciates efforts to focus on neighborhood needs.

Bradford served 24 years as a Houston police officer and seven years as Chief of Police. He was appointed chief by Mayor Bob Lanier and reappointed by Mayor Lee P. Brown. As chief, Bradford managed 7,000 personnel and a $500 million annual budget. During his tenure, citizens' fear of crime and public safety concerns fell from 59% in 1996 to 10% when he left office in 2003, as documented by Dr. Stephen Klineberg of Rice University.

He holds degrees in law from the University of Houston Law Center, criminal justice from Grambling State University, and public affairs from Texas Southern University. He also is a graduate of the FBI Academy and Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government Program for State and Local Executives.

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