District Attorney Kim Ogg attending national prosecutors’ summit, releases video on safe storage of guns

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg on Wednesday will join the national “Safe Gun Storage” Virtual Summit held by Prosecutors Against Gun Violence. She is also announcing the release of a cautionary 3-minute video, filmed in English and subtitled in Spanish, urging gun owners to store the weapons safely.

“In Harris County, approximately 150 children are hurt or killed by guns every year,” Ogg said. “As a community, our goal is to ensure that our children stay safe by doing one simple thing: safely storing our firearms.”

Since 2014, Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, an organization Ogg is a member of, has been at the forefront of the effort to end gun violence in all its forms, from promoting safe storage in the home, to preventing suicides and accidental shootings involving children, to combating illegal firearms trafficking, to preventing and prosecuting mass shootings.

The video, produced by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, features Houston Police Chief Troy Finner and several gun-safety advocates explaining how different kinds of locks and lockboxes, including cable locks that are available free of charge at the DA’s Office, can prevent tragedy.

The video explains that loose guns that wind up in the hands of children, pre-teens, teenagers and others can be deadly, either because of accidents or even suicides.