Humble Man Sentenced to Life In Prison for Shooting in northeast Harris County

Humble Man Sentenced to Life In Prison for Shooting in northeast Harris County

An Humble man was sentenced to life in prison for shooting another man in northeast Houston in 2019, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced.

“Gun violence, like domestic violence, often escalates, and in this case we see a dangerous man who believed he could kill a stranger for no reason,” Ogg said. “This victim’s family lost their loved one because a man with a gun thought he could get away with murder.”

Larry Rodriguez, 45, was sentenced Friday by the Harris County jury that convicted him of murder in the fatal shooting of 34-year-old Cedric Gordon on August 10, 2019.

Cedric Gordon

Gordon had driven to a home in the 2000 block of Kowis Street late on a Friday night to see a female friend. When he arrived at the semi-rural property, Rodriguez approached him and shot him. Gordon was able to get back in his car and tried to drive away. He lost control of the automobile and ended up in a roadside ditch nearby.

While Gordon was sitting in his car in the ditch, Rodriguez approached him again and shot him several more times, killing him.

Rodriguez then fled the scene. Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident. They later found and arrested Rodriguez.

Assistant District Attorney Brett Batchelor, a chief in the DA’s trial bureau, prosecuted Rodriguez in a five-day trial with ADA Elizabeth Liberman.

Batchelor said jurors agreed that Rodriguez needed to be off the street for the rest of his life after hearing that he had three additional aggravated assault charges. In one case, Rodriguez hit a man with a large metal bar. In another, he used a pocket knife to stab a man in the face. He also pushed a man into a concrete pole, smashing his head.

“He doesn’t value human life and is very dangerous, scary and violent to the people around him,” Batchelor said. “He had an extensive criminal history and was absolutely terrorizing this neighborhood.”