Jay Burnett, Professional Integrity Chief

Professional-Integrity-Division-Chief-Judge-Burnett.jpgJudge Jay W. Burnett is a distinguished attorney and jurist who brings to the office his experience as a former criminal defense lawyer, having spent 20 years handling trial and appellate matters, as well as his over 20 years of service as a criminal district court judge. 

Judge Burnett was first appointed by Governor Mark White to the 351st Criminal District Court, and later served as the elected judge of the 183rd Criminal District Court. Judge Burnett is a former chair of the State Bar Committee on the Death Penalty and developed Harris County’s certification program designed to raise the criteria for attorneys seeking appointments to represent indigent defendants charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to capital murder. Until he joined the office, Judge Burnett continued to serve as a senior criminal district court judge, sitting by assignment, and an adjunct professor at South Texas College of Law, his alma mater, teaching Texas Criminal Procedure. 

As the Chief of Professional Integrity, Judge Burnett advises assistant district attorneys on ethical issues, investigates internal and external ethics complaints; handles pro tem recusal matters, among other duties, including, but not limited to, consulting with prosecutors regarding questions involving criminal law and appellate procedure. 

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