Project 180 – Human Trafficking Intervention and Prosecution of Exploiters

Project 180 seeks to redefine our approach to human trafficking utilizing a multidisciplinary team to identify victims while aggressively prosecuting their exploiters. Project 180 was funded by a grant from the Governor’s Office, which has been renewed, and has four major goals:

  • Reduce the harm of a criminal conviction for young offenders, aged 17 to 24, and others charged with prostitution-selling who likely entered into this life as adolescents and are trafficking victims
  • Bridge this same population with a community agency, such as Houston Area Women’s Center or TXFNE Center for Forensic Excellence, for services with an eye toward leaving the life
  • Increase accountability of exploiters through increased prosecution and sentencing
  • Gather data and research to inform future policy regarding this population

This approach led to a record number of human-trafficking prosecutions in its first year while sex workers continue to be connected to non-profit agencies for rehabilitation and re-entry services.