Safe Firearm Storage

District Attorney Kim Ogg began a public initiative in 2018 encouraging responsible gun ownership and emphasizing the importance of safe gun storage.

In 2023, the Harris County DA’s Office spearheaded an innovative program to distribute free gun safes to the community, at no cost to taxpayers, to reduce burglaries of motor vehicles (BMV) motivated by firearm theft and negligent access to firearms by children.

In collaboration with the ADL, Houston Police Department, and local management districts, the program has distributed 3,750 free gun safes at public safety events since the start of the program.

For the first time in three years, the Houston Police Department has reported a steady decrease in incidents of guns stolen during BMV.

We celebrate this progress, yet there is more work to be done to prevent firearm thefts, and it takes a community dedicated to being vigilant about storing firearms safely.

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