Special Crimes Bureau

The Special Crimes Bureau is comprised of prosecutors, investigators and support staff who provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in significant or complicated criminal investigations.

The Special Crimes Bureau includes the Major Offender Division and Gangs/Organized Crime Division which includes the Border Prosecution Unit and the Major Narcotics Unit. The functions of the Major Offender Division are to concentrate prosecutorial attention and effort on major offenders and offenses where there is a particularly violent crime. Prosecutors are expected to aid law enforcement agencies in drafting search and arrest warrants, court orders, and subpoenas as well as the preparation for presentation of cases to grand jury and the filing of criminal charges. Prosecutors also assist in the investigation of “Cold Cases”.

The Organized Crime and Gangs Division specifically focuses on crimes committed by groups of individuals, commonly known as “crews”, or crimes committed of which a central component is gang involvement. Prosecutors in this division work directly with law enforcement tasked with the investigation into the most prevalent of serial offenders. Prosecutors assist officers by providing legal guidance and assisting with any legal process including the drafting of warrants. Also included under the umbrella of this division are the Border Prosecution Unit and Major Narcotics. The Border Prosecution Unit specifically focuses on criminal offenses with a nexus to the United States border and the Major Narcotics Unit focuses on investigation and prosecution of narcotics trafficking cases.


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