What are the requirements to obtain a protective order?


  • Either you or the respondent (abuser) must live in Harris County OR the violence occurred in Harris County
  • There is/was a dating, family, or household relationship with the respondent, including current spouses, former spouses, blood relatives, people related by marriage, parents of the same child, household members or people who dated.
  • That the respondent was personally served. This is why we must have a physical address for respondent. The respondent can be served at home, at work, in jail or during a court date.
  • That family violence, stalking or sexual assault occurred. Family violence means that you were assaulted (hitting, kicking, punching, hair pulling, slapping, punching, strangulation, shooting, stabbing, forcing to have sex, etc.) and/or that you were threatened with violence (the respondent said they would kill you, hit you, pointed a gun at you, etc.).