Essential and Continuing Operations / COVID19: In the interest of the health and safety of our staff and the community, our offices will remain closed to the public, and most of the agency’s prosecutors and staff will work remotely, until further notice. The HCDAO continues to perform key functions in the county criminal justice system and will do so during the Covid-19 pandemic. Click Here for More Information

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Office Contacts


General Information/Receptionist                                              713-274-5800

e-mail the District Attorney


Administration Bureau   713-274-5814
  Asset Forfeiture Division   713-274-5570
  Bond Forfeiture Division   713-274-0260
  Chief Investigator   713-274-5813
  Civil Rights Division   713-274-5910
  Communications Division   713-274-5916
  Community Engagement Division   713-274-5916
  Constituent Services Division   713-274-6139
  Professional Integrity Division   713-274-5691
  Restitution Center   713-274-0010
  Theft by Check Section   713-274-0041
Cyber Bureau   713-274-1506
  Consumer Fraud Section   713-274-5555
  Cyber Crimes Section   713-274-1509
  Digital Forensics Investigation Unit   713-274-5920
  Financial Crimes Division   713-274-5600
  Information Systems Technology   713-274-5866
  Money Laundering Section   713-274-5600
Legal Services Bureau   713-274-5816
  Appellate Division   713-274-5826 
  Conviction Integrity   713-274-6040
  General Litigation   713-274-5816
  Post-Conviction Writs Division   713-274-5990 
Intake Bureau   713-274-0220
  Grand Jury Division   713-274-0200 
  Intake Division   713-274-0220
Mental Health Bureau   713-274-5919
  Juvenile Division   713-274-0035
  Mental Health Division   713-274-5919
  Victim Services Division   713-274-0250
Special Crimes Bureau   713-274-5588
  Gangs/Organized Crime Division (Includes Robbery & Burglary)   713-274-5644 
  Major Offender Division   713-274-5640
  Public Corruption Division   713-274-5911
Special Victims Bureau   713-274-5588
  Adult Sex Crimes & Trafficking Division   713-274-0150
  Animal Cruelty Section   713-274-5703
  Crimes Against Children Division   713-274-0150
  Domestic Violence Division   713-274-0212
  Elder Abuse Section   713-274-1508
Trial Bureau   713-274-0481
  Capital and Impact Division   713-274-0020
  Environmental Crimes Section   713-274-5580
  Felony Division   713-274-0481
  Felony Division Discovery Unit   713-274-5701
  Justice Courts   713-274-0490
  Misdemeanor Division   713-274-0500
  Misdemeanor DWI Pretrial Intervention   713-274-0484
  Misdemeanor Marijuana Diversion/Retail Theft   713-274-0485
  Vehicular Crimes Division   713-274-5656